Adidas miCoach Smart Run smartwatch is out now in India

The smartwatch game hasn’t particularly heated up in India yet, but the Adidas miCoach Smart Run has been let out into the country nonetheless by the sportswear giant. This device aims to be your personal trainer, but it comes with an extremely high price tag of Rs 24999.

It will be made available exclusively through the Adidas India website soon. The miCoach Smart Run has been built by its makers using stainless steel and a magnesium backplate. Its strap on the other hand, is made from silicon. This smartwatch’s capacitive touch display is sized at 1.45 inches, and it presents colored visuals in a resolution of 184 x 184 pixels.
Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Apart from a GPS and an accelerometer, this device also grabs a mio continuous optical heart rate sensor. It’s a combination of all these sensors that works towards deploring vital health and fitness information to its owners.

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run is also capable to delivering music, and has around 3GB of storage for you to store your songs on. As revealed by NDTV Gadgets, it can be paired up with wireless Bluetooth headsets, for music as well as audible coaching guidance.
This product from Adidas has a completely different target audience than that of all the Android Wear and Tizen gadgets which are out in the market right now. While they are aimed towards everyday experiences, this device is aimed solely towards sports and athletics use.

Like we said, the Adidas miCoach Smart Run will be released through the company’s Indian store at a price of Rs 24999.

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